Raw materials exploitation in Prehistory:

Sourcing, processing and distribution

10-12 March 2016, Faro - Portugal


Dear colleagues, 

Sessions for the Raw materials exploitation in Prehistory: sourcing, processing and distribution are now open. You can see the list of sessions bellow and get more details on the Program dropdown menu. 

Deadline for proposals will expire next October 15th, 2015.

Open session: Quarring and Mining During Prehistoric times

Moderator: Jacek Lech 


Raw Materials for Making Pots

Miriam Cubas


Advances in Tracing the Origin and Circulation of Mineral-Based Prestige Items in the Prehistory of the Middle East and its Adjacent Regions 

Hala Alarashi,  Marie-Laure Chambrade, Lamya Khalidi


Geochemical-Mineralogical Provenance Determination of Stone Tools and Their Archaeological Implications: Scientific Methods, Data Background and Data Evaluation 

Stefanie Wefers, Tatjana Mirjam Gluhak



Heat Treatment of Raw Materials: Objectives, Changes and Procedures 

Xavier Terradas

Long Distance Provenance and Distribution of Raw Materials Used in Stone Tools Production: Case Studies 

Juan F. Gibaja, Xavier Terradas 


The Routes of Archaeological Colouring Materials: From the Source to the Uses

Jean-Victor Pradeau, Laure Dayet, Hélène Salomon

Approaches to Measure Lithic Raw Material Quality

Telmo Pereira, João Marreiros, Eduardo Paixão

Open Session: Putting Data Into Context

Moderators: Pierre Petrequin, Alison Sheridan